Mosquito Shield’s 3-Prong Approach to Backyard Mosquito Control

The foundation of any good outdoor pest control service takes an integrated management approach. Our mosquito management strategy gets right to the root of the problem. At Mosquito Shield, our backyard control program is comprised of three core components and accompanied by Flexblend™ products. We work to eliminate the existing mosquitoes on your property, mask the presence of CO2, and create a virtual barrier, or “shield”.


Eliminate Mosquitoes

Our proprietary blend has been several years in the making. It is designed for maximum efficacy, to responsibly eradicate the population of mosquitoes in your yard, no matter where we are in the season. If your property is heavily infested, you may see what appears to be greater mosquito activity in the first 12 hours as our process flushes them out.


Why Mask CO2

While we dislike all mosquitoes, it is the female we are concerned with. Female mosquitoes bite because they require blood to develop and lay their eggs. The primary means by which mosquitoes hone in on their targets is through CO2. They can sense this from over 100 feet away! For this reason, a critical component of our proprietary blend is forming a masking agent of CO2.


Keep Them from Coming Back

Our formulation is based on our patent-pending Mosquito Protection Blend (MPB) that adheres to structures and organic matter throughout your yard while creating a protective barrier. This vertical shield strengthens with each visit, repelling mosquitoes, preventing them from returning, and starting the breeding process again. This is the heart of our comprehensive program, which will help keep you and your family outdoors and protected, ready to enjoy your property all summer.