Childhood memories typically include playing in the yard, where otherwise harmless greenery and shallow puddles might harbor hidden annoyances like mosquitoes. Slow and hard to notice, you might not even have paid much attention to them. It usually wouldn’t be until later that you find many small, itchy bumps on your skin that only grew worse as you tried to scratch away the irritation. With time came the further understanding that mosquitoes also can carry dangerous diseases such as malaria, the West Nile virus among others. This is the reason backyard mosquito control is becoming so popular in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Backyard Enjoyment

We expect to be safe from threats and annoyances in our homes and personal outdoor spaces. Having to slap at numerous mosquitoes in the backyard detracts from the peaceful enjoyment of your yard. Enjoy sunny summer days in your backyard once again with our mosquito treatment for yards.

Our company is staffed by experts who are very familiar with how mosquitoes and ticks breed and multiply in different climates and environments. We have accumulated years of experience in controlling the species that most strongly inhabit the southeastern region of Pennsylvania, including the tiger mosquito that is a relative newcomer to the area.

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Modern Spray Techniques Provide the Solution

Researchers have worked hard to keep up with the relentless evolution of resistance to commonly available pesticides among target insect populations and to comply with increasing regulation of pest-control methods. Fortunately for homeowners, industry experts have developed an array of modern methods for vanquishing mosquitoes.

With professional spraying protocols and our deep understanding of mosquito biology, we provide an integrated approach that works very well against mosquito populations that often gather on shrubbery and nearby bodies of still water. Our technicians are educated to analyze your yard and provide a highly effective campaign. You can rest easy in the knowledge that your yard is receiving the best available treatment for out-of-control mosquitoes.

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We provide advanced mosquito control services to homeowners across the southeastern region of Pennsylvania. Please contact us to find out more about our residential yard mosquito control.