Providing Protection During the Summer Months

As recent global events have shown us, it is of the utmost importance that we protect ourselves from mosquito bites as best we can. Although most mosquito bites are often seen as just an annoyance, the truth is that they can pose serious health threats to us and our pets. Now is an excellent time to make sure that you’ve done everything you can to guard yourself against potential harm. When dealing with such a serious issue, it’s important to talk to the experts at a mosquito service company about what you can do to prevent these pests from causing havoc in your household.

We value your safety and comfort, drawing upon years of experience to provide you with a service that is customized to your particular needs. Whether you are concerned about mosquitoes around your business, home, special event or wedding, our technicians know how to address your concerns properly. We understand the kind of unwanted consequences that these pests can cause, and we want to help you protect your loved ones from such unfortunate problems.

We also understand that your time is extremely valuable which is why a mosquito service company is the ideal solution. On our first visit our team will assess your property and apply the appropriate course of treatment.  Even after one visit you can expect a significant reduction of mosquitoes around your property. Follow up visits are usually made every 10 to 17 days, with additional spray being applied to build up a barrier.

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If you’re exhausted from taking on your backyard mosquitoes by yourself, you’ll be thrilled to know that Mosquito Shield provides an effective solution. Now you should be able to enjoy yourself outside during the summer months. With a focus on creating environments that are healthy for children and pets, we go to work so that you can experience peace on your property.

Boasting a variety of options to suit each customer’s particular needs, we strive to please. Unlike many other services, we train our technicians on the habits of mosquitoes to increase the effectiveness of our service and remove those unwanted insects from your property.  Call now for more information about our mosquito service company.