Are you tired of suffering from the effects of an out-of-control mosquito population in your Southeastern Pennsylvania property? A simple yet effective treatment is available to help you reclaim your backyard from these annoying pests that once threatened to ruin your enjoyment of the outdoors. Our residential mosquito control service could be just what you are needing.

The Mosquito Shield Solution

Even when swarms of mosquitoes descend on the area, our three-pronged approach ensures the comfort of you and your family. Simply exterminating existing mosquitoes isn’t enough. That’s why our residential mosquito control program includes the following steps:
1. Control
2. Mask
3. Repel

Control Existing Mosquitoes

Our professional technicians apply the treatment in a fine spray that clings to structures, as well as plants, trees, and other organic matter. Our formulation also includes our proprietary RainShield, a wax-based water repellent that provides a layer of protection so our mosquito spray keeps working even after moderate rains.

Masking the presence of CO2

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Female mosquitoes are drawn to CO2 that humans emit. Our treatments mask carbon dioxide levels to make your property far less attractive to the mosquitoes. This treatment will help to prevent other mosquitoes from entering your property.

Repellent Barrier

The vertical barrier created by our three-pronged service approach grows stronger with each visit. The combination of exterminating, masking and repelling techniques means mosquitoes no longer have the power to cut outdoor activities short or keep you indoors altogether.

Our Approach

Our service is essential to controlling the population of pests from your property, but we couldn’t do it without our team. Mosquito Shield is a mosquito control company that is passionate about enabling people to enjoy their outdoor spaces entirely — even when mosquitoes are at their worst. We study the mosquitoes’ biology and behavior patterns to develop a targeted mosquito management strategy and take pride in educating our technicians, and providing them with thorough training.

Real Results for the Home or Office

You won’t have to wait to see results. As soon as our well-trained technicians leave the premises, you and your family can get out and enjoy your yard. Comprehensive commercial mosquito control and tick control applications are available as well. Whether for your home or business, we’re here to help with our three-pronged approach to mosquito control. Call us today!