Ticks in Pennsylvania

Out of the approximate 25 tick species that exist in Pennsylvania, the Blacklegged and American Dog ticks are found most frequently. Both varieties harbor bacteria that can cause serious illness. The Black Legged Tick, commonly known as the Deer Tick, is a vector for several nasty pathogens, the most well-known being Lyme Disease. The American Dog Tick is responsible for causing diseases as well, such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Despite the name, the Deer Tick in Pennsylvania also uses many small animals as hosts, especially the white-footed mouse, found throughout our region. According to the PA Department of Environmental Protection, about 51% of the Deer Ticks in Southeastern PA carry Lyme Disease.

The Centers for Disease Control states that the number of people diagnosed with Lyme Disease in the U.S. has tripled since the late 1990s. And in recent years, Pennsylvania has the dubious distinction of being among the highest in the country for the number of confirmed cases of Lyme disease as these ticks are extremely prevalent, most especially in Southeastern PA.

Depending on the weather, some tick species can be active year-round if it’s warm enough, but the primary time of concern is during the summer months when people are more active outside. In the spring and summer months, the nymphs are of concern because they are so tiny. In the fall they grow larger and more visible but also can be more infectious.

To mitigate the risk posed by ticks, it is best to be as vigilant as possible, checking yourself carefully after coming in from the outdoors. To help protect your family at home, consider Tick Shield for your yard.

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Our Tick Control Spray Service

Our service is ideal for backyard tick control. We use the same effective science behind our mosquito barrier spray to control the tick population on your property.

Tick Shield can be purchased as an add-on service to an existing season-long mosquito program, or as a stand-alone service for the season. We use our specially formulated tick control product to effectively kill the ticks and fleas on your property. The first application takes place in the spring, typically in April. Then, we visit your property every 60-80 days throughout the season and into October.

Ticks like damp, shady, brushy areas where they await a “host” to come by that they can latch onto. We treat all turf and wood lines, paying attention to leaf cover, woodpiles, landscape beds, stone walls, and fences. Our technicians are extensively trained to make an individual assessment of your property and treat the area accordingly.

To get peace of mind for your family and pets, contact us about Tick Shield today!