There are many tick species, and all can cause discomfort in pets as well as illness in people. The best way to make sure that your yard is as free from ticks as possible is to maintain a constant vigil against them. Sporadic treatments only work in the short term. Backyard tick control for your home needs an aggressive, targeted and comprehensive program throughout the season.

Tick bites can cause ugly, painful sores on pets & animals. When ticks bite people, they may spread any number of diseases caused by viruses, bacteria or parasites. Some of these illnesses never go away and are very hard to treat. Most people get infected by tick bites in spring and summer, when tick populations are at their highest and the size of the ticks in their nymphal stage makes them more difficult to detect.

Why Choose Us Over the Other Sprays

Over-the-counter sprays will only cover a limited area and must frequently be reapplied. While these products, and other do it yourself methods, can reduce the presence of ticks for a limited time, a backyard tick control service is the only way to help provide efficient and consistent protection against ticks for the entire season.

Many people who get bitten by ticks only display mild symptoms while others may experience fever, chills, or a rash on their body. However, if left untreated the bite from an infected tick can cause chronic and debilitating conditions. The best way to avoid these bites is to rid your yard of the tick population that may already be nesting there.

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Complete Tick Control Services to Residents of Southeastern Pennsylvania

Mosquito Shield is the area’s leading tick control company offering an affordable and comprehensive tick control program. Our professional barrier spray is a critical addition to your list of preventative measures against the threat of tick borne diseases. Take back your yard, and enjoy your home to the fullest this year and every year with backyard tick control from Mosquito Shield.