There is no doubt that the presence of ticks can pose a challenge to your health and happiness. Tiny, silent and slow, ticks are excellent at going unnoticed. Preferring to live in tall grass and wooded areas, once they latch onto a host they’ll go wherever their victim takes them. The various tick species often have a favorite animal to prey on, but most of them are pretty flexible. For example, the “American dog tick,” the most common tick in Southeastern Pennsylvania, does indeed love feeding on dogs, but they’re regularly found on wildlife, livestock and humans as well. A professionally-applied tick control spray can help provide protection against these unwanted visitors.

The different tick species vary in appearance, but they can usually be recognized by their small size, their eight legs and their relative lack of mobility—a tick will latch onto its host for days or even weeks, gorging itself on blood until it has ballooned to several times its original size.

The tick’s vampire-like behavior is unsettling, but disease is the real danger from ticks. Because they travel from host to host and even species to species, they are perfectly designed to spread infections. The most well-known tick-related illness is Lyme disease, but there also are many others, such as Babesiosis and Ehrlichiosis and Anaplasmosis which cause a host of nasty symptoms ranging in severity.

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Not all tick bites cause illness, but you never know where the tick that’s feeding on you has been before. With every stage of their life cycle there is an opportunity for the tick to have fed on an infected host. The best solution to the menace posed by these ticks is prevention. If you have any reason to believe that ticks may be present on your property, you should consider a professional tick spray for your yard.

Our professionally applied spray will help protect you from ticks and the dangers they carry. Our vector-trained technicians know where they gather, where they breed and what it takes to stop them. Our tick control spray adheres to vegetation, wood, stone/brick and other organic materials, creating a barrier that strengthens with every visit.

If you live in Southeastern Pennsylvania and are concerned about ticks on your property, contact us now.