What to Expect

Getting started is easy and takes no more than 5 minutes over the phone or through email. Once we have answered all your questions to your satisfaction, and after we set up your account if you prefer working online you are welcome to access our customer portal to set up your billing information. We will schedule your initial visit within the first 5 business days of your contact. We assign one technician to be your service provider and strive to maintain this consistency throughout the season.


Our season long Mosquito spraying service plan runs from the first or second week in May through the end of September or the first week in October, and we return every couple of weeks to service your property. We actively monitor the conditions that affect mosquito levels so treatment intervals can run as short as 12 days or as long as 17 days.


Our company is staffed by experts who are very familiar with how mosquitoes and ticks breed and multiply in different climates and environments. We have accumulated years of experience in controlling the species that most strongly inhabit the Southeastern region of Pennsylvania, including the Tiger Mosquito that is a relative newcomer to the area.

Our vector trained technicians do more than simple eradicate swarms of mosquitoes. We follow a state-of-the-art training program that build upon prescribed by the Pa Department of Agriculture. Technicians study the habits and life cycle of the mosquito, where and how they harbor and common issues exacerbating residential mosquitoes.  With the first visit, your technician will assess your property, looking for potential breeding areas and hotspots, and targeting where you spend your time, such as a patio or deck. Our technicians will get to know the unique features of your property and are very happy to answer any questions you may have.


Our residential mosquito control spray program offers quality service and delivers outstanding results, with a 90% year over year customer retention rate. Results happen quickly! After the very first spray you will see an immediate reduction in mosquitoes, typically within the first 24 hours. Your family and pets can use your yard again just as soon as the spray has dried.

As we all know, Mosquitoes are a constant battle-no matter the technique, eventually they start to come back. That’s why our program is built on the premise that we need to provide a flexible, frequent service schedule poised to react to mosquito explosions in the area. And its why misting systems are not recommended, because they indiscriminately spray on a cycle mosquitoes don’t care about – the human calendar.

Only Mosquito Shield uses Flexblend™ spray technology to maximize effectiveness. We monitor both mosquito population and weather conditions and adjust our program as needed. By rotating control products, leveraging proactive scheduling, and using resistance management strategies, we’re able to deliver superior results and satisfaction.

Our management strategy is designed from start to finish around responsibly controlling mosquitoes in your yard, for your family and pets.