What We Know About Zika So Far

You may have heard about the spread of the Zika virus throughout South and Central America from news reports. Fortunately, the US has only seen isolated cases of the virus and the CDC continues to work on a vaccine. Below is a summary of what we know so far:


The vast majority of reported cases in the US were contracted overseas where the most frequent means of transmission of the Zika virus is through mosquitoes. After biting someone who is infected, the mosquito spreads the Zika virus through their saliva when they bite someone else.

Diagnosis and Treatment Options

Once infected you may not even realize that you are hosting the virus; the majority of people who contract the Zika virus do not develop any symptoms. If there are symptoms like headaches or red eyes, the doctor will review the person’s travel history and medical records. If an individual has recently visited a country with a known outbreak of the Zika virus, their physician may perform blood tests to see if they have contracted the virus. For most people rest and fluids are all it takes to recover from the virus, but for expectant mothers, the effects on their unborn child can be more severe.

Preventing the Zika Virus

Since it is primarily spread by mosquitoes, individuals should take precautions to protect themselves from local mosquito populations. Wearing long-sleeved shirts, long pants and an EPA-registered insect repellent can help protect people from being bitten, but a professional mosquito control service can help to protect entire outdoor areas of your property.
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